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Whole Life Practitioner Podcast

Eric Grey, MS, LAc

A weekly broadcast by Eric Grey, MS, LAc of Chinese Medicine Central digging into all the topics acupuncturists / Chinese medicine practitioners encounter as they go about their professional lives in practice. I'll be exploring a variety of formats and topics including more overtly "business" topics such as marketing, planning, operations and customer service, as well as less obvious topics such as productivity, organization, inner balance and the interesting experience of running a business with a life partner. I'll also be re-releasing some of my old podcasts (Chinese Medicine Central podcast), getting folks on for interviews, and generally doing my best to give you useful information on the regular. Enjoy! Intro/outro music provided by the amazing Tao Jones. If you want to see what else he's up to, check out his Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/taojonesofficial

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